Welcome to Piratesgames.net

Welcome to Piratesgames.net



The server was completely taken over by the official Atlas Server, so the map. For this we have set the values ​​so that it is almost the same as on the official Atlas Server and remains fun for as long as possible.

The cross chat or world chat: If you write in the game in global chat, this message goes to all Servers. There are also special rules for Crosschat. You can find the rules for this here.

Please make sure that you read our rules to avoid misunderstandings or rule violations.

Server settings wish gladly on the discord but...

This does not mean that we make every setting that we decide ourselves, which we also write in the Discord every time. This applies in particular to things that have to be changed because otherwise the game cannot be played to the full extent or to allow the flow of the game for everyone (for the most part). The best example is the new claim system. But should we make such a change, we will also publish a change log in the discord.

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The settings (Global)

The basic settings

3x XP (How many experience points you get.)
3x Farmen (How much material you get, per hit.)
2x Gold (How much gold you get per treasure map.)

Special character settings

0.8 The hunger of your character. Has been reduced by 0.2 This means you can get by a little longer without food.
0.8 The thirst of your character. Has been reduced by 0.2 You can get by a little longer without water.
0.8 The vitamins of your character. Has been reduced by 0.2 This means you can get by a little longer without food.

The animal settings

3x Tame (How fast taming is done.)
0.5x Mating interval
10.0x How fast to be born.
10.5x How fast the baby will grow up.
0.5x How fast the baby consumes food.
4.0x How fast you can emboss the baby again.
0.6x Baby Cuddle interval.

Our values ​​can always be compared with the official server. On the official server all settings are 1x.
Further settings are possible and of course also announced here.


Solo players have 35 claim points with us, so everyone can claim a medium-sized island. From 2 company members you have the max. So that would be 200 points and you can claim all the islands without restrictions. The upkeep costs are set at 1.0.

Note: On the official Atlas server, the upkeep value is apparently 2.0 which makes it more expensive there.

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The Freeports

The Freeports

We have 4 Freeports they are at: C4 D9 H3 I8 Furthermore, you can also let yourself be spawned in so-called "lawless regions".

ATTENTION: If you appear directly in a lawless region, you have to die afterwards and choose a freeport with "Change Homeserver". Otherwise, the detection points will not move to your selected lawless region grid, and they are very important. After that, you can die again if you already have a ship there with a bed and what is on the ship will appear on the bed and walk ashore.

However, we do not recommend doing this unless you are new or starting over. Because it is much easier and less complicated on Freeports.

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Our PvP zone

Our PvP zone

The PvP zone is at C6 D6 C7 D7 . We are also currently planning special PvP events. These will be announced as soon as possible. Further and above all important information about the PvP zone can be found under our rules.

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The Mods which are used

The Mods

Since we would like to choose together with you the mods are currently not installed on the server. We're going to host tribes on mods on the discord so everyone can have a say.

However, this is currently not possible. More information can be found in the Discord.

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Our Events

Our Events

questions and answers

questions and answers

How do I get to the server?

At the top of the list: Join the game directly. Then your adventure can begin!

I need help in the game!

You can use our Discord for this and simply ask questions or write to us directly.

How do I get to the Discord?

You can use this link: https://discord.gg/vUQsxBH or click directly on "Discord" above.

I caught someone cheating ...

You are welcome to send us such things as well as insults in the Discord as a private chat including a screenshot with the date and time from your PC.

I can not get to the server?

First check if the servers are really online or in maintenance mode. You can check this directly in the Discord under the channel "server status" should the server be on, so you can also contact us directly then we can offer the individual support. You can also do this directly in the Discord under the language channel "Support" or you write directly to us.