How do I connect?

...with the server

Connect to the Atlas Server(Recommended)

Step by step (Recommended)

First we open Atlas.

If Atlas is open, we click on JOIN ONLINE ATLAS.

Here it is important that you are really under: SESSION FILTER INOFFIZELL is selected.

Now we wear ATLAS-LISTE NAME FILTER a: 11x11

We see the server in the list.

we press CHOOSE ATLAS WORLD Now you are online - have fun! :)

Connect to the Atlas server (alternative)

Step by step (Alternative)

1.) First of all we need Steam - so we open Steam. Then we look for it in the top left viewwe click on it.

2.) A menu opens. We click on Server.

3.) It comes in windows on.

4.) A menu opens.

4.) We click on ADD SERVER.

5.) It comes in windows add on with server.

6.)We enter the following there:

7.) Now we press: THIS ADDRESS TO FAVORITES...

8.) You come back to windows.

8.) We press Connect. You are online - have fun! :)