Our rule

Our rule

Our rule

Unnecessary load for the grid

The additional building of islands in the form of unnecessary structures is prohibited. An example would be: I place floors all over the island or something similar to reserve it. If we catch you doing this, only a warning will be given at the first occurrence. If this happens twice, the ban follows.

PvP zone rules

The PvP zone is C6 D6 C7 D7 everyone there drives through and is shot down, is responsible for the damage. To see it as a picture you can click here.

Use crosschat sensibly

The Crosschat or in the game called Global is primarily intended to arrange to meet in the game directly to trade or sell things or to ask questions about the gameplay. The crosschat should not be used as small talk as it can be annoying if the chat pops up every time and there is unfortunately no function to prevent it. If you plan to trade more with the person you write to often you are welcome to create an Alli in the game and then write directly via the Alli Chat. Of course, you always have the option to use our Discord under voice chat or similar.

Crosschat/Global language

We ask all players to write in German or English in the global chat. Since we are an international project and it should be possible to understand you, this is very important to us. If you want to speak in other foreign languages, the local chat or the Campany chat is always available. If you don't do it, expect a kick, possibly a ban, if you repeat.

More rules can follow - if necessary. But basically we don't want to prescribe everything, we appeal to common sense and social behavior.

questions and answers

questions and answers

How do I get to the server?

At the top of the list: Join the game directly. Then your adventure can begin!.

I need help in the game!

You can use our Discord for this and simply ask questions or write to us directly.

How do I get on the Discord?

You can directly click here or click on "Discord" above.

I caught someone cheating ...

You are welcome to send us such things as well as insults in the Discord as a private chat including a screenshot with the date and time from your PC.

I can't get to the server?

First check whether the servers are really online or are currently in maintenance mode. You can check this directly in the Discord under the channel "Server status" if the servers are on, you can also contact us directly we offer individual support. You can also do this directly in the Discord under the language channel "Support" or you can write to us directly.